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June 6, 2014

Mi Tomatina Paella and Tapas Restaurant Named One of the Top Outdoor Dining Spots in America by OpenTable Diners


Orlando Restaurant Guide
Scott Joseph

Mi Tomatina's entry in the James Beard Foundation's Scholarship fundraiser is pan-roasted duck breast, a larger-than-tapas-size serving that marries the wonderful gaminess of the waterfowl with the sweetness of pears...The the dish was complemented with a pear glaze and a small stack of cilantro, which added some freshness as well as some peppery flavor notes.


Winter Park/Maitland Observer
Josh Garrick

It's always a good sign when you are seated in a new restaurant and you recognize the chef from another restaurant seated at the table next to you. Such was my introduction to the charming-in-every-way mi Tomatina on Winter Park's West New England Avenue "Restaurant Row." more

Winter Park Magazine
Rona Gindin

This past March, Nadia Yotti Ruiz took over the kitchen of fledgling Mi Tomatina, a hip and intimate indoor-outdoor Spanish restaurant in Winter Park's Hannibal Square.


Orlando Magazine
Joseph Hayes

Mi Tomatina's paella contradicts Americans' notions about rice stuck to the bottom of the pot.


Orlando Sentinel
Heather McPherson

The owners and wait staff are very personable. On both visits, the owners visited every table and servers offered wine samples in sherry glasses to help guests choose between two albarino wines they were unfamiliar with. There is clear feeling that everyone is invested in the restaurant and the dining experience, an attribute unfortunately missing at many restaurants...


Orlando Weekly
Faiyaz Kara

It's intimate enough to take your significant other for a special night out, but it's also a great place to meet up with friends for small plates and Spanish sherry, and the only vegetables likely to bonk you on the head are the falling acorns from the trees fronting the sidewalk tables...


My City Eats
Marilen Marnett

Mi Tomatina is the newest gem located on quaint New England Avenue in Hannibal Square. The food is as welcoming as the ambiance of the restaurant. The menu has a diverse offering of tapas. The selection is varied from seafood to cold plates to Spanish omelets...


  We loved everything about this restaurant and can't wait to come back!
Madison R.

Food was beyond delicious! Service was excellent with full explanation & warm hospitality. Thank you - we'll be back.
Rosi M.

Will was a terrific and informed server. All of his suggestions were amazing! Compliments to the Chef!
Mary Beth M.

Best Spanish food I've ever had! YUM!
Lauren B.

The Service = Superb, The Food = Magnificent, The Sangria = Delightful (A wonderful place - We will be back)
Laura D.

Best Place in town to watch Soccer!
Miguel C.

The server was amazing! He was very friendly and attentive. I'll come back!

Food was excellent - we were sat quickly with easy accommodation for skids. William did a fabulous job - friendly and knowledgable & attentive. Thanks!
Kam D.

Service was exceptional. Will was very informative about the menu and restaurant itself. He was also very up beat & friendly and always made sure we were taken care of.
Edgar S.

Excellent sangria and paella. We were well taken care of by Paula. Our guests from LA were very impressed.
Maria G.

We had an amazing experience on Valentine's Day. We were made aware that it maybe a bit of a wait and ordered accordingly. Amazing food, experience, and service.
Jennie S.

Probably the best Spanish food outside of Spain. Excellent service, a wide menu (even for gluten free vegetarians!)
Brandy R.

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for an outstanding Bridal Shower for Mari. Everyone enjoyed the food, ambiance, and great service. Wonderful memories for everyone, especially Mari! She loved everything and was so happy.
Ceci R.

Hi Nori!!! I must say, Andres and the staff did a fabulous job. Timing, food and service were superb! Thanks again for setting my party.

Both JC & the food were delicious! Will definitely come back.
Jay D.

Amazing Service. Gracious attitude, well informed suggestions, and a TRUE SPANISH ASSET!
Kristina A.

Our server took all of our special requests in stride with a never-dimming smile. Professional and warm hearted. We couldn't have asked for more. Thanks to Manny!
Randal B.

Dear Stuart & Patricia, We wanted to say thank you for your kindness. We love your restaurant, the food, and the staff. We wish you the best moving forward. With love
Bryan & Concetta

OMG. It was our first time here & what a cute place! Food was amazing & Ashiq was equally amazing. Will definately come back!
Dave & Zy

Outstanding, friendly, very professional service - always looking out for our needs. Erick is the best waiter I have had in the last couple of years. Congratulations to management for making outstanding personnel selections.
Thomas D.

Great Job! Very nice! Erick is the best waiter in Winter Park. Very attentive and polite. Gracias Erick!
Craig C.

Perfect experience tonite. Had a vegetarian, a no carb, no egg, and a no fat customer. Only one normal person in the group, but Erick was up to the task. Great service! Great food!
Jean B.

Meatballs & Chocolate Lava Rule!

Whoever is in the "back" is doing a wonderful job! Perfecto! The only thing competing is the job the guys are doing out front! GRACIAS!
Robert T.

Comida excelente! Servicio magnifico! Aqui vamos a hacer la fiesta de nuesta compania.
Orlando D.

The service was great and the music was excellent. The food was exceptional.
Paul R.

Brilliant, service, atmosphere, food, and pricing!
Shamir K.

Food is outstanding! Oxtail sandwich is top notch. Great service! Thanks Rigo!
Shamir K.

Oh my goodness - if you ever remove the duck dish we'll revolt.
Wendy H.

Loved it! Nice to get a taste of home! Loved the croquetas! Delicious!!
Camila S.

Keep up the good work! I love this place!
Wally S.

I tried brunch here this past Sunday (rainy weekend=time for brunch:). I think I am going to have to vote it one of the best brunches in Orlando. I had the clam scramble with scrambled eggs and clams cooked with olive oil and spices. Absolutely delish! The eggs were so fluffy and flavorful and the clams were large and fresh. My friends had one of the Spanish breakfast skillets which looked amazing as well. Their bread is served with a yummy tomato dipping sauce. Oh and did I mention they have $1 mimosas?! You can get them with champagne or cava and with as much OJ as you like. They are so good and, I am not even a big fan of mimosas.

Definitely check out brunch here! I will be back to try one of their paellas.
Dina N.

Our first time here, so wonderful, love the food, awesome, the music, so fabulous, the service fantastic. Will come again; definately.
Danna R.

Always a great experience. Thanks for making our anniversary special.
Tracy Q.

We came last night for the fist time and came back today for more! FANTASTIC!
Lori M.

Food was excellent. The waitress Nori recommended all the food and our dinner turned out great.
Brando R.

I know you have had 'pan con tomate' before, but check out what they do here. Last time I was here I could not get enough of their version of this classic. Fresh tomato, some garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and a touch of oregano, totally gets your palate salivating in anticipation for the rest of the tapas.
Frank G.

I usually push bread service to the side but I cannot say "no" when it is done right. A loaf of bread with a crackling crust, an open crumb, and a simplistic accompaniment; done. The sauce is fresh, flavor dense and straightforward. I love the simple life!
B. Moll

Don't know how you can improve upon excellence in service, food, atmosphere, and music. mi Tomatina is a gem in Winter Park - may it always shine!
Denise S.

I took my parents this past weekend to our favorite restaurant in the city! As always, it was phenomenal! The food...outstanding...the music...excellent...the service...beyond words! Thanks Andres, you took care of us like a friend!!!! Cannot wait to go back!!!
Tamara A.

This is our 2nd visit of many more. We love the fact that we can find authentic Paella in Central Florida. ...and the Chef can sing! The ambiance evokes tranquility and a passion for the exquisitely obscure.
Elias and Jessica A.

This is my second time eating here. As expected, it was another amazing and delighful dining experience. I could go on and on but the service, atmosphere, and quality of food is quickly making this my favorite restaurant in Winter Park.
Mercedes R.

La comida en este lugar es exelente sin lugar a duda. Me transporto a los llanos de España. No obstante la gentileza, entendimiento y cortesia con las que Rigo nos trató hizo de nuestro 16 aniversario una noche inolvidable. Gracias, Volveremos!
Alvin and Daniel M.

The food and wine is the best I have had. The paella is as good if not better than a 5-star Spanish restaurant in Alicante Spain. The wait staff was magnificant.
Luke D.

Thank you for such an amazing experience! I think a place can that can surpass reality with food and atmosphere and love is worthy of an exemplary recommendation.
Nikki R.

The food was absolutely delicious. Our compliments to Nadia and all of the mi Tomatina staff for making the 2011 New Year truly memorable. The live music was the perfect touch to the evening. Andres was very nice and so was the rest of the staff!
Jessica F.

My wife & I came New Year's Eve and LOVED it! Brought my sister & brother in-law tonight. Again, LOVED it! You guys are excellent. Thanks for a phenomenal New Year's weekend.
Dan L.

Thank you for a wonderful night. I'll never forget it. Great service and beautiful place as well. Amazing night!

This is really good Mom! Can I have some more?
Jay, age 7

This is our third visit to Mi Tomatina. We love your homemade Sangria! We're also impressed with the Paella, the atmosphere, especially the music. We've told lots of people about Mi Tomatina. Thanks!
Walter B. and Cindy P. from Portland, OR

Lovely - the service was perfectly times. The recommendations were spot on. The vibe was fantastic. The oxtail changed my life.
Janessa G.

I just wanted to drop a thank you note letting you know how amazing your staff, restaurant, food, and overall hospitality was during our shower last week. Your staff was so professional and truly nice in every request we had. Your chef was so kind to come and visit with our party. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was absolutely lovely. Thank you again for working with us.
Sandra R.

Thank you for an anniversary experience that exceeded our expectations. We truly felt transported back to España. The paella was fantastic - so many distinct flavors rather than soggy one note yellow rice. What an amazing night. We feel priveleged to have been your guests.
Carolyn & Andy F.

What an amazing experience. Dinner, service, AND entertainment. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We'll be back and definitely reccommend.
Jennifer L.

Excellent! Great food, great music, multi-talented chef (singing and cooking). Love it!
Clinton M.

Great food and service, as usual. Every visit is a reminder to come more often.
Kevin J.

Our catered lunch at Casa Feliz today was TERRIFIC! Everyone loved it! Thank you so much for the delicious food and wonderful service. We'll call you again (and will definitely come by the restaurant soon!)
Betsy O.

I live in NYC and eat out 7 days a week, but I have never experienced so many different vibrant flavors at one table in a short amount of time. Great service, amazing people. Can't wait to return.
Joe W.

This restaurant is now a favorite restaurant. We eat out a lot and will be back again and again -- Love it so much!
Frances P.

All the food was amazingly delicious and the atmosphere is mysterious and compeling. Our server was super friendly and AWESOME! Thank you!

Best authentic paella I have ever had!! Shrimp Croquettes were un-real!!
William D.

Andres is always an expert in his attention and service - a superb wait person. We thought the food couldn't get better, but the addition of a whole lobster is genius. mi Tomatina is characterized by its excellence and generosity. Wonderful, Wonderful!
Carol F.

Excellent food & service & atmosphere. Too bad i'm not a food critic. My 5 stars will go silently into the night.
Justin R.

Excellent! Paella is the best ever and we are hispanics with a hard to please taste bud! Way to go! Good luck on your business.

Best meal I've had in years. My new favorite restaurant. Each dish was an art! I savored the flavor of each tapa. Thank you!
Hannah M.

Patricia, Thank you for personally delivering to my home the most delicious Paella. My guests were impressed.
Hillary C.

Excellent experience here! Food, presentation, and atmosphere are all A+. Love the lunch offering - well thought out and good pricing. Gives enough options, but not so many that one does not know what to choose.
mi Tomatina Guest

Service was outstanding! Joey did a great job. This was the best Spanish dining experience I have ever had. Keep up the good work.
Zach H.

I lived in Oviedo, Espana for 6 months. I have lived in Central Florida now for almost 7 years and this is by far the BEST Spanish cuisine I have tasted with an atmosphere to match. You have to try it!
Jeff S.

It was fabulous! The best Tapas in Orlando bar NONE!!
Gabriel M.

Amazing! Finally, authentic Spanish food without the jet-lag! We are so excited to have mi Tomatina in our neighborhood. See you soon!
Ken O.

A perfectly exquisite meal! Sea bass, jamon, manchego, San Marco cake and espresso creme brulee. We would love to buy the olive oil - just like butter. Compliments to the chef!! We will be back soon.
Gail & Hugh

Andres was very informative and helpful. The food was wonderful. The escargot was amazing! The Seafood Paella was worthy of another trip. LOVED the dolce de leche cheesecake.
Graham B.

Thank you so very much for making my birthday celebration such a wonderful evening and making it a very fond occasion and a great memory. The food was wonderful and everything about it was first class. Tyler is amazing and Andres worked very hard to make things perfect. It turned out to exceed my expectations and I am very pleased.

Excellent food and service! We are so happy to have authentic Spanish food in Winter Park.
Jenn & David

Outstanding food, service, and ambiance. Overall, we had a fantastic experience and will be back for certain. Keep up the amazing work!

We had a fabulous late lunch. Excellent service and delicious food. We especially loved the Paella Fabulosa, Papas Bravas, and the cheesecakes. Yum! Yum!

The food was fantastic and service even better (Tamara). Chef and owners were delightful. We will be back. Thank you!

The scallops were awesome! So was Joey�s service! Thanks!

Everything was wonderful! Our server Andres was superb! Mushrooms were the best!

Ghimel was a fantastic and very pleasurable part of our evening. His selection suggestions were right on. The restaurant was the perfect atmosphere and blend for my party�s enjoyment. Food was excellently prepared and presentation wonderful. Thank you for a lovely evening. We will be back with more friends.
Leslie & Kurt

We enjoyed every aspect of our visit: Ghimel was very attentive and knowledgeable about the foods.
The food was DELICIOUS and the atmosphere was perfect, cozy, artsy, and soothing. Loved it and will definitely be back!

Andreas was fantastic! He gave us the best and most personal service! Also Tyler, the chef, came to make sure we enjoyed our meal. Everything was wonderful!

New friend,
Thank you for helping me celebrate one of my most memorable birthday's ever...The ambiance and artistry of your restaurant is only outdistanced by the wonderful flavors of your cuisine. Wait! The hospitality was inviting, gracious & so appreciated.
Johnny C.

LOVED IT! Our first visit and definitely not our last. Really enjoyed the Papas Bravas and Hongos Rellenos. Beer selection and Sangria were outstanding. Gracias!
Lynn & Curtis

Excelente Experiencia! Buena comida, tapas y carta de vino. Nos gusto mucho la musica. Ole!
Jorge M.

Great music playing. Great wine and flan!
Melanie R.

Food was great. Wine was outstanding. Service was fantastic.
Shelley H.

Everything was delicious. Fantastic service.
Mariela V.

Love it! Cozy, good food and ambiance.
Ed T.

...Food is great; service is wonderful. I will suggest to other people.
Eva F.

The food was delicioso.
Eva F.

Thank you! A wonderful evening and delicious food! A taste of Spain! Delicioso!
Bill P.

Everything was amazing! Thank you for being here!!
Brandon & Elizabeth

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